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Advanced Training

The following documents come from the Advanced Training in Lebanon.

Interview with Abdullah An Na'im (by Farish Noor) on Concept of Human Rights

WFRT- Yemen training manual - in Arabic

Interview with MK Masud on a life time of Islamic law and its futures.

Advanced Training Manual for Social Agents of Change in Human Rights Advocacy and the Family compiled and edited by Cassandra Balchin (in PDF)

Preliminary Introduction
Day 1: Arrival and Preparation
Day 2: Orientation and Introduction to the Advanced Training

Day 3: Country Contexts and Gender

Day 4: Human Rights, Islam and Advocacy
Day 5: Culture, Politics, Religion and Human Rights
Day 6: Analysis of Case Studies
Day 7: Field Visits

Day 8: Problem/Situation Analysis Tools; Reality Check
Day 9: Forms of Power and Effective Leadership: Building Effective Alliances and Moblising People
Day 10: Skills: Communication
Day 11: Skills: Developing Advocacy Plans

Day 12: International and National Laws
Day 13: Field Visits and Half Day off
Day 14: Presentation of Future Plans
Day 15: Evaluation and Closing
Foreign Words

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