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    Rights at Home: An Approach to an Internalization of Human Rights in Family Relations in Islamic Communities

    The Rights at Home project takes up the challenge to think creatively and critically about rights in Muslim societies. Since 2001, the project has led a number of meetings and workshops in Tanzania, Yemen and Malaysia (including participants from Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, and Singapore) on the importance and priority of rights in Muslim societies.

    Working with local activist organizations and agents of change, the Rights at Home project has developed an approach to thinking about and struggling for rights. This website is a reflection of the ongoing attempt to refine the approach through critical debate, creative and constructive solutions, and exchange of ideas and strategies. Since April 2005, the website has been managed and coordinated by Sisters in Islam with funding from the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Kuala Lumpur.

    The Rights at Home project was launched with the idea to move the debate beyond the confines of states and legal structures. Whilst these are important avenues for effecting social change, the rights struggle must be rooted in local practices, institutional capacities and local knowledge concepts.

    The project was opened and coordinated at the International Institute for the Study of Islam in the Modern World by Professor Abdullahi an-Naim (Emory University) and Laila al-Zwaini, with financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. From 2003, it was led by Professor Abdulkader Tayob (ISIM Chair University of Nijmegen) as Project Director, Laila Al-Zwaini (ISIM) as Primary Consultant and Dr. Mariëtte van Beek (ISIM) as Administrative Coordinator. The project completed its work on October 1, 2005.

    External Advisors: Professor Nasr Abu Zayd (University for Humanistics, Utrecht, The Netherlands), Cassandra Balchin (linked with the network Women Living under Muslim Laws, WLUML, London, United Kingdom), Professor Muhammad Khalid Masud (former ISIM Academic Director, Islamabad, Pakistan), Professor Ebrahim Moosa (Duke University, Durham, USA), Salma Maoulidi (Sahiba Sisters, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania), Professor Abdullahi an-Naim (former director of the project, Emory University, Atlanta, USA).

    For further inquiries please contact us at info@colabiocli.info
    Thank you for visiting!

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